Dole Premium Asai mix yogurt

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<Offering store> MINISTOP

<Price (tax included)> 162 yen

<On sale from> September 28, 2015

<Category> Cultured milk

<Ingredient names> Dairy products, fruit juice (peach, banana), sugar, vegetable oils, dextrin, milk protein, gelatin, Acai extract, flavoring, polysaccharide thickening, coloring (red juice, gardenia), acidulant, emulsifier, sweetener (sucralose)

<Volume> 150 g

<Manufacturer> Kyodo Dairy Co., Ltd.

<Nutritional information> Calories 147 kcal, Protein 5.5 g, Lipids 6.4 g, Carbohydrates 16.9 g, Sodium 74 mg

Acai, a fruit native to the Brazilian Amazon.
It is also popular in Japan as a fruit containing various nutrients such as polyphenols, iron, dietary fiber and calcium.
It is often used in popular juices and smoothies.

In addition to its Acai, this yogurt contains white peach and banana puree.
You’ll also notice Acai colored yogurt is visually pleasing–or should I say appetizing?

The exquisite flavor comes from using raw milk, mixing Acai to thick and rich yogurt, and adding white peach and the sweetness of bananas.
Overall, the taste is something like blueberry yogurt.
and with the same rich aroma.

And with a volume of 150g, one package goes quite a long way. ^^