Fruity chocolate pudding with raspberries

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<Offering store> Seven-Eleven

<Price (tax included)> 168 yen

<On sale from> October 6, 2015

<Category> Chocolate

<Ingredient names> Sugar, chocolate, cocoa mass, dairy products, vegetable oils and fats, raspberry puree, gelatin, agar, milk protein, wine, powdered candy, paste [thickening polysaccharide, modified starch, sodium alginate, acidulant, flavoring, emulsifier, Calcium lactate, Glycine, sodium metaphosphate, carotenoid pigment, pH adjuster, enzymes, antioxidants (enzyme-treated rutin)], (may contain egg, soybean, and apple)

<Volume> 85 g


<Nutritional content> Calories 160 kcal, Protein 2.1 g, Lipids 8.3 g, Carbohydrates 19.3 g, Sodium 72 mg

Limited-time sale until around the beginning of December.
Recommended item by the Japanese winner of the world chocolatier competition, Naomi Mizuno (Naomi).

This delightful pudding consists of three layers: raw chocolate pudding covered in raspberry sauce, and chocolate mousse on top of that.

For the chocolate pudding and chocolate mousse, we used Chocolat de couverture with its characteristic sharpness and the just-right bitterness and aroma of Ecuadorean cacao mass.
You’ll notice the chocolate pudding features a texture much like raw chocolate; that’s because of the generous cacao butter portion.

The taste is literally a symphony of the fluffy lightness of chocolate moose, rich chocolate pudding, and a thick and creamy sweet and sour raspberry sauce.
Authentic melt-in-your-mouth luxury. ^^