2 layers Cheese Cake

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<Where to buy> 7-Eleven

<Price (tax included)> 120yen

<Ingredients> Dairy products, sugar, egg yolk, vegetable oils, egg whites, whole eggs, foods mainly containing milk etc., wheat flour, starch, dried egg white, gelatin, salt, concentrated lemon juice / glycine, emulsifier, flavoring, xylose, paste (thickening polysaccharide), (Including egg · milk ingredients · wheat · soybean · gelatin)

<Manufacturer> Sakaeya Nyugyo K.K.(andeico)

<Major nutritional ingredients> Calories 208kcal, Protein 4.5g, Lipids 13.1g, Carbohydrates 16.9g, Sodium 171mg

The top layer is cheese soufflé and the bottom layer is cheese cream.
(Soufflé: light fluffy dish made by mixing various ingredients in meringue and baked in oven. French)

Sakaeya Nyugyo K.K.(andeico) is the manufacturer as the custard pudding “Kiwami” which I introduced the other day.

Cheese soufflé on the top is fluffy, the cheese cream at the bottom is smooth like a pudding.
Both of them have great cheese flavor.
The balance between sweetness, saltiness, and sourness is exquisite.

Eat them together to enjoy the full cheese flavor :)