Gudetama Bakauke – tamago kake gohan (rice with a mixed raw egg put on) flavor

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<Where to buy> 7-Eleven

<Price (tax included)> 108yen

<Ingredients> Non-glutinous rice (American, Japanese), vegetable oils and fats, starch, sugar, powdered soybean (include wheat and soybean), egg yolk powder, protein hydrolyzate (Spanish mackerel, black sea bream, tuna), salt, bonito flavor seasoning (including mackerel ), bonito extract extract powder, seasoning extract (including chicken), yeast extract powder, powdered wheat fermented seasoning, seasoning (amino acid etc), flavoring, sweetening (licorice)

<Manufacturer> Kuriyama Beika Co., Ltd.

<Major nutritional ingredients> Calories 142kcal, Protein 1.8g, Lipids 5.3g, Carbohydrates 21.7g, Sodium 227mg

It is a collaboration product of popular “Bakauke” rice cracker and Sanrio ‘s popular character “Gudetama”. Available for a limited time only.

There’s a huge illustration of cute and lazy Gudetama in the center of the package.
I was curious about the “tamago kake gohan (rice with a mixed raw egg put on)” flavor, so bought this snack.

It really tasted and smelled like tamago kake gohan.
I’ve never tried this flavor before, so honestly I was a bit nervous…

The crunchy texture of “Bakauke” rice cracker goes amazingly well with egg and soy sauce flavor.

Gudetama is saying “Don’t make me collaborate with Bakauke!” in the speech bubble on the package, but I think he did a good job :)