Ankoro Mochi with red bean paste

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<Where to buy> 7-Eleven

<Price (tax included)> 160yen

<Manufacturer> Tokachi Daifuku Honpo Co., Ltd.

<Nutritional information indication> Calories 191kcal, Protein 4.6g, Lipids 0.2g, Carbohydrates 42.7g, Sodium 12mg

There are three little rice cakes in a packet.
The shape of a rice cake reminds me of Akafuku.

Ankoro mochi looks like Ohagi, but inside is rice cake (instead of sticky rice).
I’ve been told that Akafuku is a kind of Ankoro mochi.

The red bean paste is made from red beans from Hokkaido and white granulated sugar.

The combination of chewy rice cake and red bean paste is amazing.
The red bean paste has a rich elegant flavor yet it leave a pleasant aftertaste.

The ingredients are simple: glutinous rice, sugar, processed starch, enzyme. But it is full of flavor.

The size is just perfect when you feel like having something sweet for snack :)