Premium Toppo Plump Green Tea

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Just like the Deep Praline that I introduced the other day, this one is also in the “Premium Toppo” series.
The packaging feels special and luxurious.
The green tea color makes me think about the flavor.

They say that the first picked green tea from Nishio City in Aichi Prefecture is blended in the chocolate.

Each stick of “Plump Toppo” is thicker and heavier than the usual Toppo.
Toppo’s pretzel is crunchy. There are plenty of of rich green tea chocolate inside. The hidden taste of Yuzu creates a flavor that distinguishes it from other green tea chocolate sweets .

7 sticks in 1 individual package.

The premium Toppo series include “Deep Praline” and “Plump Green Tea” flavor.
It’s a bit pricey, but it is wonderfully sophisticated and elegant sweets.